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Earth360 Founder Bill Lauritzen was described by Sir Arthur C. Clarke, inventor of the communications satellite, as "some kind of genius." Harry Kroto, Nobel Prize winner, invited him to present his ideas at the first international conference on the buckminsterfullerene molecule. Bill invented a new number system, designed a modern-day Stonehenge, called SpaceHenge, and wrote a paper explaining the value of geodesic domes. He also wrote a book about the origins of science and mythology. He is a graduate of the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs and received a master's degree from Purdue in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. In the Air Force he helped design high-speed jet cockpits as a usability engineer. He has taught extensively in the inner city of Los Angeles, at Otis College of Art and Design, at Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, and at Columbia College Hollywood. He was also ranked by Swim Magazine in the Top Ten in the World in master's swimming.
Earth360 Art Director and Curator Stephen Satterfield is a graduate of Northwestern University Department of Theatre. Besides his experience in acting, he worked at the Intel corporation, and also has worked as a marketing expert throughout the United States.
Earth360 Webmaster & Designer Michael Lujan studied art and design at both Virginia Commonwealth University and the Memphis College of Art. He is a freelance photographer, graphic designer, web developer, and a commissionable fine artist. He has had work published in Black and White Magazine, and has exhibited his photography and digital artwork in Memphis, Tennessee and Tucson, Arizona. He is currently based out of Los Angeles.
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